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1/12/07        Article - Centenary of the Electronic Organ - and scanned version of The Christie Book of Golden Notes added to the Journal

6/11/07       Recordings of three of Crawford's Wurlitzer organ rolls added to The Listening Room.

27/10/07    An interesting comparison of Helen and Jesse Crawford both playing the same song in separate 1931 broadcasts - added to The Listening Room.

26/10/07    Three 1931 broadcast segments by Helen Crawford and three by Jesse Crawford added to The Listening Room as well as sheet music cover of "So Blue" featuring Helen as composer and performer, with link to Jesse Crawford's recording of the song.

12/10/07    Restored versions of two broadcasts by Stuart Barrie added to the UK page of the Virtual Radiogram

8/5/07    The Listening Room - over 100 digitally restored (6 hours of music) of Jesse and Helen Crawford

31/3/07 Queensland Gallery of Modern Art - organ installation and opening

5/10/06 Correct identity of Hearn Residence organ at Geelong noted

30/4/05  A visit to the Compton organ factory added to

2006 marks the instrumentís centenary: the first of its type was publicly unveiled at a concert in New York on 26 September 1906.

Instruments using electricity had been around since the invention of saucer bells struck through the agency of static electricity in the mid-eighteenth century.  Organs with action systems powered by or incorporating electric mechanisms had existed since the 1830s, but this was the first public performance of an organ of which the sounds were generated purely electronically.

The Telharmonium could not be regarded as a commercial success, but in its principles it laid the groundwork for organs that could be successful once amplifiers and loudspeakers had been developed.

26/1/05 A song about a cinema organist added to the Journal

11/1/05 - Home page revamped to clear the clutter and make it easier to use. Photo of the auditorium of the Regal, Chester, added

23/12/04 - A new page added to the Journal - full scan of Wurlitzer Record magazine from 1929

 26/6/04 - A new page added to the Virtual Radiogram, featuring Australian recordings and broadcasts of the past

25/4/04 - My apologies for a very lengthy delay in updating the site - I now have this again in hand.  Today a new page has been added for the Museum of Modern Art in Brisbane, and I have added a new Journal article on The Second-Largest Wurlitzer.  There is plenty more to come, and more will appear in the next few days.

10/1/03 - A couple of new photos (Fats Waller and Wyndham Lewis) added to the Virtual Radiogram page, from the Gordon Crook collection. Thanks to Gordon for these.

27/12/02 - Video clips added to History Page 6 (State Sydney) and Regent, Melbourne (construction of Granada, San Francisco, organ). These seem to work OK through Windows Media Player.  They are MPEG4 files.  Photos of Edwin Sawtelle and the Waikiki Theatre, Hawaii added to the Virtual Radiogram - thanks to Bob Alder.

Nov/02 Additions to Regent, Brisbane, page - thanks to Jim Clinch et al.

3/9/02 - A series of contemporary articles about Jesse Crawford's visit to England in 1933 has been added to the Journal.  Some corrections made and a few new photos added to the State, Melbourne, page.  Work is proceding on New Zealand - should be some pages launched shortly.

13/7/02 - Some excellent new photos by Cameron Simpson added to the Dendy, Brighton, page - all 800x600.

12/7/02 - New major feature - The Virtual Radiogram - over 250 sound recordings of theatre organs 1924-1952 from records and wireless - currently UK and USA - wider coverage to come.

28/4/02 - One new Journal Article. Full copies of Ambassador's Perth Souvenir Opening Prgramme, also Magazine 22/12/28 added.  thanks to John Furhmann of Perth for sharing these wonderful documents with us.

21/4/02 - Two new Journal articles, including A Sefl's wonderful article on the Tibia Clausa.  More additions will come shortly when time permits.

24/2/02 - New page added on the Ambassador's, Perth.  Minor amendments to summary list of organs.

18/2/02 - Two new items in the Journal. Read the great church v. cinema organ debate of 1931.

31/1/02 - Minor changes only - more hyperlinks added to the General History pages.  Bert Howell band photo added to State, Melbourne, page.

19/12/01 - New article added to the Journal - it would appear that unit pipe organs may have existed in Europe twenty years before Hope-Jones built his first in 1907.  New photos added to the Ballarat page.

11/11/01 - More historical reprints added to the Journal - Quentin Maclean and Wilson Oliphant write about the theatre organist's profession in England in 1927 and 1938, respectively.  The editor of "The American Organist" describes organs and organists in New York in 1927 - from the perspective of "The Old Brigade"

3/11/01 - Historical article reprints added to the Journal - two by John Compton and one from a 1935 science book describing cinema organs

16/10/01- Complete section on Victoria added, with nearly three hundred illustrations and fullest possible details of all past and present theatre organs in the State.  Allow plenty of time to explore this new section.

22/9/01 - Many new photos added, including a photo album (via hyperlink) of the Regent, Brisbane in 1975 and extra pictures to the pages for Kelvin Grove High School, Blair Linnett's residence, Goolwa, Majestic, Brisbane, Wintergarden, Brisbane (including a couple of rare colour photos of the auditorium), Regent, Adelaide, Pavilion, Adelaide, Wondergraph, Adelaide, and Broadbent residence.

8/7/01 - Console stopkey layout diagrams added (via hyperlink) to Capri, Goodwood page.  Newspaper cutting added to Macclesfield page

7/7/01 - Specifications added to Queensland organ pages (via hyperlinks).

5/7/01 - New Page - List of organists - who played where

4/7/01 - Stoplists added to South Australia organ pages.  Hyperlinks added to Summary List of Organ Installations

1/7/01 - Many illustrations added to The Music of the Theatre Organ and to General History pages

29/6/01 - New article - Kinoorgel - by Thomas Klose, added to the Journal

18/6/01 - Additions to pages on Kelvin Grove High School and the Majestic, Pomona

17/6/01 - Additions to all General History pages - mainly photographs, illustrations and animated doo-dabs.  Minor refinements to Encylopaedia Contents Page

9/4/01 - Queensland detailed surveys added - includes all theatre organs in Queensland and many photos.  To mark the TOSA Festival in Brisbane later this week and the reopening of the Kelvin Grove Christie

10/3/01 - Option to stream music while browsing added to Home Page

7 and 8/3/01  Photographs added to several pages:

4/1/01  New Pages added:

All South Australian pages are now uploaded, some text only pro tempore

Page updated:

28/9/00  Page added

17/9/00 Page added

10/9/00 Pages added:

More pictures will be added when scanner driver problems are resolved


2/9/00 Pages added:


31/8/00 Journal of Australasian Theatre Organ Studies launched with two articles - many more to come.

30/8/00 Search engine added to Home Page, to assist researchers to find what they are looking for throughout the site.  Guestbook added.

29/8/00 Links to Theatre Organ Web Ring and Organ Web Ring added and activated

28/8/00  Site launched on theatreorgans.com server with new title

New URL is http://theatreorgans.com/southerncross/index.htm


26/8/00 (anniversary of the Battle of Crécy, 1346)

General tidy-up, lots more pictures added to General History section (still more to come, but having problems with scanner driver software), new title for the site (now Theatre Organs under the Southern Cross) and ready to download to permanent site for ongoing instalments - this will be like a part-work and gradually completed over the next year or so.  Thanks to Jerrell Kautz for providing server space to house the site.  

Previous test site is now obsolete


23/8/00 New page added: Grand Theatre, Adelaide

Minor corrections to dodgy links


22/8/00 New page added:  Glenelg Theatre, SA


20/8/00 Corrections and adjustments to several pages - thank you to Wayne Bertram, Don Hyde and Wurlitzer Willy for suggestions.

New pages added:

16/8/00First test version of limited number of sample pages: At this stage, only the Encyclopaedia of Australian Theatre Organs (parts of it) is running.


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