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 The Theatre Organs of

South Australia



The Photoplayers

Pavilion Picture Palace, Adelaide

Chinese Garden Theatre, Adelaide

Wondergraph Theatre, Adelaide

Glenelg Theatre, Glenelg

Alf Broadbent Residence, Macclesfield

Grand Theatre, Adelaide

Mechanics' Institute, Goolwa

Star Theatre, Goodwood

Ideal Theatre, Kadina

Adastra Theatre, Port Pirie

Strand Theatre, Glenelg

West's (West's Olympia), Adelaide

Skating Rink, Adelaide

Wonderview Theatre, Victor Harbour


The Unit Organs

Regent Theatre, Adelaide

St Peter's College, Adelaide

Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide

Capri Theatre, Goodwood

Geoffrey Smith Residence

David Walton Residence

Peter Beames' Wurlitzer

Something Different

Lyric Pictures, Bordertown



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