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Strand Theatre, Glenelg


The Palais Picture Theatre, later known as the Strand, in Jetty Road, Glenelg, opened on 24 January, 1922 [Dylan Walker, "Adelaide's Silent Nights", Canberra, 1995, p.128].

The two-rank Style 35 Fotoplayer from the Glenelg Theatre was moved to the Strand in 1926. It was played for a time there by Penn Hughes, who, many years later, bought the derelict instrument and took the salvageable parts to Sydney. He later installed the Flute pipes on the Wurlitzer organ in the Congregational Church at Burwood, where they took the place of the Kinura pipes.

The Strand was closed from February to December, 1956, during which time it was rebuilt.  reopened on 19 December, 1956 as the Odeon [Colin Flint, "The Seaview with a Sea View", Kino Cinema Quarterly, no. 72, Winter 2000, p.31].  It was later renamed the Village, and still operates as such.

It most likely that the Fotoplayer was purchased and removed by Penn Hughes when the theatre was rebuilt in 1956, but there is as yet no evidence to confirm or deny that speculation.


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