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Australian Theatre Organs

An Overall Historical Perspective




This Section is intended to provide a general overview of the history of theatre organs throughout Australia from the birth of the cinema industry at the end of the nineteenth century to the present time at the threshold of the twenty-first century.

Most major instruments and installations are referred to, but this is not the place to find detailed accounts of them.  For that degree of detail you will need to refer to the Sections covering each State and Territory (these are still in the process of preparation at present, but some will be added very soon) wherein you will find as much as is known about each instrument and its players.

Similarly, although a number of organists are mentioned, you will need to refer to the biographical Section for more details about their individual careers.


This Section is divided into eight parts, each linked to those before and after it so that you can read the consecutively or consult the part(s) you require individually.

The Parts are as follows:

The start of it all

Early Organs up to 1926

The State of the Circuits - 1927

1928 - Christie Organs Start to Arrive

Musicians' Conditions and the Arrival of the "Talkies"

1929 - End of the Golden Era: Into the Depression

1933 - 1960

Rebirth - 1960 onwards




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