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Hammond X66

The Hammond X66 Organ is the most luxurius, expensive and innovative model that Hammond had produced. The main diferences from the other models are its pedestal cabinet, sound and attributes. But due to its hi original price, very few people could buy it since new


There are 2 versions of the Hammond X66. The most common version is the 2nd version. In order to differenciate them, I suggest you take a look at the pictures and just to add that the 1st version is different from the 2nd in the following:


* The Sforzando light turns as redish as the Mic light
* The word HAMMOND in the sides are smaller and do not have the "H" emblem.
* The HAMMOND word that is in the front panel is different.
* The keyboard keys are different. They are thiner and softer.


The Vibrato Scanner is slightly different. The one of the 1st version has 32 pins that make the vibrato sound little different. The vibrato motor speed is faster.

* The general organ sound is more brilliant.
* The percussion sustain is very short.
* The keys in the keyboards are much softer.
* The response of the expression pedal is slower


Motor Tone Generator

4 Drawbar Sets with 2 addittional drawbars

Microphone input with Reverb

Pedestal Cabinet & External Speaker

Quadrophoníc Audio System (4 Channels)

Vibratos created with Scanner moved with a Motor

New Percussion Sounds

Volume Pedal with 4 photocelds and 1 light

2 Octave Chromed Pedalier

Key for protecting it

Percussion Sound in Pedal and Keyboards (TRAPS)

Metalic Arpegiattor in between the 2 keyboards

Orchestral Sounds in both keyboards

Special Buttons to turn off the Orchestral Sounds

Special sound called SFORZANDO controlled with separate button


The owners manual says that the X66 can get out of tune if:

1. The temperature is extreme
2. There are sudden temperature changes
3. Excesive Humidity

I also have had the out of tune experience when the voltage is low and the tone generator motor slows down.


The physical weight of the organ including the bass pedals and the bench is 574 Lbs.

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