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The Organ that Speak

Hammond X66

Como hacer cantar al Organo Hammond

To form the following letters you have to open the drawbars as follows::

A = 88 8000 000 00

E = 80 8080 000 00

I = 80 0080 000 00

O = 80 8000 000 00

U = 80 0000 000 00

The inventor of this technic was Ernesto Gil Olvera that in his blindness discovered that in the gradual openning of the drawbars as mentioned before, the vocals were formed and in the movement of them, the words begin to form.

This as well, learned of the excellent musician Tito Enriquez. Here are an extract of the Newspaper the Reason in its articulate: Tito Enriquez, the musical talent together with the sense of humor:

“Into that Mexico of years 50, when still the Mexican music, specially the romantic one, still was not displaced by the rock and roll, a invident young called Ernesto Gil Olvera burst in into the capital theaters, who caused sensation because with his organ she emitted “human voices” in some known songs, specially “Pancho Lopez”, to whom Olvera gave unusual popularity him. Also Tito Enríquez made “sing” the organ and the peculiar thing is that the young person Olvera learned east mechanism of the mentioned Tito.

On the matter, Tito expresses that the organ “does not speak”, “only vocalizes” and in a moment that public who acclaimed to Gil Olvera as a musical phenomenon lost the enthusiasm and disappeared the enchantment. Gil Olvera, operated by vividores, died young and in the misery. ”

Ernesto Gil Olvera

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