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Juan Torres importance in Hammond X66

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Juan Torres began his professional recordings back in 1967 under the Musart firm in Mexico, and was his particular style and the combination with the Hammond X66 sound with another instruments that made history and fame for several years.

Now days, he has recorded 79 recordings and the recorded music goes from international music, classical to folkloric music.

He has played with great musicians, orchestras and mariachis.

All this provoked a general movement to want to learn how to play organ. From the beggining of his music, many people (like me) learned to play organ using his music as guidence.

Many wanted to make the organ sound like his recordings, or maybe to be as famous as he, or simply to have an organ like his, and in order to achive this, we had to buy one like his.

My opinion and of many of my friends is that the musical carreer of Juan had a direct influence in the sale of the Hammond X66 in the Mexican Republic.

I belive (without a solid fundament) that Hammond Co sold more X66 in Mexico than in any place in the world because we had Juan Torres. And Hammond not only sold many X66 but also another models.

The other organ brands also sold many organs because of his music due to the generalizated wish to learn how to play organ and also due to the professional organists derivated from this movement.

I donít know if Hammond Co made a recognition to Juan, but in my name and of my friends, we sant to dedicate this page as a symbol of our friendship and gratitude for his artistic career..

Bravo Maestro!!

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