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In 1965 the design of the X66 is born. Also its tone generator. Source: The Hammond Concord owners manual.

The first production of this fantastic organ begins in May 1967. (And I think it was until 1975)

Between September 22, 1973 and April 1st, 1975, its original sale price was $9,795. U.S. Dollars.

To demostrate the X66, Hammond made a demostration LP that I understand the new owners got when buying the X66

The X66 were assambled mostly by woman and had around 3 miles of cable.

The first presentation in Mexico of the X66 made by Hammond de Mexico was back in 1967. Hammond prepared a 2 part concert. In the people invited to see the X66 was Mr. Arturo Mendez (who told me all this). When the 1st part was over, they had a recess and the X66 burned itself. Then Roberto Sasiain (a Hammond employee) came with a white robe and apologize anouncing that the organ had burned and that the 2nd part could not be played.

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