The Schlieter's Mammoth Moller

Over the next few months (?) on these pages, you will see the planning and installation of our residence pipe organ. The goal will be an instrument with a three manual Moller theatre organ console and 19 ranks of pipes. The pipes for the Theatre organ are from Moller Opus 3319, originally installed in the Rialto Theatre, Lewiston PA.

Those of you who are returning to the site will probably notice that all references to the classical organ are gone. I had a sudden fit of "practicality" and realized that installing 19 ranks in a house is crazy enough, 71 ranks probably would have gotten me commited.

A Guide to this Website

A Look at the Console

The Moller Theatre Console Comes "Home" Now includes pictures of the loading

The Theatre Organ Console Specifications

The Theatre Organ Console History

The Eastern ATOS is born at the College Theatre, Bethlehem PA

The Schlieter Family's Pipe Organ story- The Early Years

The Project Continues

The Addition to the House

How to build some simple pipe crates

Please Help Me Locate Some Parts

Surplus parts that I'm selling

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