The Console

This Console is from M.P. Moller Opus 5211, installed in 1928 in the College Theatre in Bethlehem, PA.. The fate of the rest of the organ is unknown. It subsequently traveled to Hinsdale IL., where it was purchased by George Wright. After George located a larger console for his home installation, this console was sold to the Dickinson Theatre Organ Society of Wilmington DE.. You can find out more about the Dickinson Theatre Organ Society here.

For the story of this console's arrival at it's new home, click here.

Dickinson rebuilt the console, replacing the original mechanical tripper combination action with a Trousdale computerized system, and adding 222 Syndyne stop tab actions. Also installed was a Z-tronics Solid state relay system. The console served at Dickinson High School from 1984 to 1990. It was offered for sale in late 1998, and purchased at that time. Plans are to refinish the console, and reapply the Decorators Supply ornamentation that was removed sometime in the past.

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