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  Although major conventions with structured programming are staged
in major cities in the world, excessive costs to attend a week-long event,
plus booking convention hotel rates,
prevent many who are interested but lack the resources or time to attend.

  Since the major conventions are performance-oriented to the big name performers, any hope for an average organist to actually play one of these instruments is bleak at best.

  Jim and Lucy Spohn’s solution? ...
to host a convention at the Granada:
the Poorman’s Organ Convention!
Steve Hansen, Jim Spohn
Largest Valentine Card Ever!
Randy Bergum, Diane, Art Nisson
Austin and Yogi
Greg Rister
Larry Davis
Another organ is upstairs!
The lobby
Russ Ashworth
Relays and Switches
Historic Photo
Live ~ On the Air!
Forward for the King of Instruments!
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