Bakersfield, California
the Spohn Granada
Granada Theater 
616 Kentucky Street
Bakersfield, CA  93305
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6 - Your Invitation
Imagine ... being seated at the console of a 25-ton theatre pipe organ built in 1928 specifically to provide accompaniment of silent movies that entertained the people during the days of Hollywood’s infancy!

To hear such an instrument live, as rare as it may seem to today’s generation,
is NOT an impossibility since Jim Spohn and his wife acquired the Granada Theatre in Bakersfield, California almost twenty years ago and installed just such an instrument, devoting their efforts to a considerable restoration project.
But if hearing the instrument is awesome, imagine the opportunity to actually play it! That reality is possible the first weekend in MAY

May 4-5 2013
6th Annual
Poorman’s Pipe Organ Convention
Since organ concerts and conventions are rare and costly today due to the diminishing number of theatres with pipe organs, the average musician has slim opportunity to experience the actual thrill of playing a majestic theatre organ.

So the Spohns have created such an opportunity ... hosting “Poorman’s Pipe Organ Convention” ~ for people
to actually  perform on this, the King of Instruments.
Additional Chambers are
installed in the theater
for more pipes to sing!
Once again, people can recreate those awesome experiences of the organists who thrilled audiences a generation ago.
Coming for You the First Weekend in May
  Although major conventions with structured programming are staged
in major cities in the world, excessive costs to attend a week-long event,
plus booking convention hotel rates,
prevent many who are interested but lack the resources or time to attend.

  Since the major conventions are performance-oriented to the big name performers, any hope for an average organist to actually play one of these instruments is bleak at best.

  Jim and Lucy Spohn’s solution? ...
to host a convention at the Granada:
the Poorman’s Organ Convention!
the Lobby WurliTzer 2 manual console also plays the auditorium organ, as well as the theatre's 4 manual Morton console.
6 - Your Invitation

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