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Allman Brothers Band [Gregg Allman]

Organist/vocalist for the siblings' band. Classic Blues-Rock with some monster organ solos. Check out the 44 minute "Mountain Jam" on Live at Ludlow Garage 1970 (Polydor).

Brian Auger (Trinity)

To come.

The Band [Garth Hudson]

To come.

Boston [Tom Scholz]

The leader of the 70s supergroup played some B-3 as well as guitar.

Deep Purple [Jon Lord]

Jon Lord is a classically trained musician who plays Rock organ.

Electric Flag [Barry Goldberg]

To come.

Keith Emerson (The Nice, Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Another keyboard player with classical training, this talented composer is a favorite of organ fans.

Grateful Dead [Brent Mydland, Merl Saunders]

To come.

Al Kooper (Blues Project)

Al Kooper didn't start out as an organist, but his style influenced other rock players.

Patrick Moraz (Moody Blues, Yes)

To come.

Niacin [John Novello]

Looking for an energy boost? Niacin is like a shot of high-potency vitamins. The name means vitamin B-3, get it? And this CD is full of it ... B-3 I mean! The trio consists of John Novello on Hammond B-3 organ and piano, Billy Sheehan (of Talas and Mr. Big fame) on bass guitar and Dennis Chambers on drums. Their debut CD consists mainly of orignal material by Novello and Sheehan. The band has been touring East Asia extensively with great success, and plans some US dates after their record release party in NYC in March.

This band pays homage to so many musicians, it would take a page to list them. Many of the tunes are in a style made famous by others before, but with a fresh approach. This is the type of Fusion Jimi Hendrix made famous, but here Novello plays the lead with a B-3 instead of a guitar. Bass, drums and organ? Another Medeski Martin and Wood, you think? Not Niacin! They have their own sound, appreciable by Jazz fans, but much more rooted in Rock than MMW.

The first track rocks with Keith Emerson-like runs on the B-3 and one of the tightest rhythm sections you'll find in "No Man's Land". Billy follows that up with an extended bass guitar solo, which leads into a funky cooker called "Do A Little Dirty Work". On this number, Sheehan doesn't play a typical walking bass line, but rather long deep bended notes which contrast the funky staccato solo lines or soulful swirls of Novello's B-3.

There are also some slow Rock instrumentals like "I Miss You (Like I Miss The Sun)" and "One Less Worry". Bluesy, but different from the Allman Bros. Definitely fusiony. What I like especially is that the band doesn't get caught up too long in a nice riff, and goes through interesting changes in tone and tempo. Many of these tunes are quite catchy...

A rockin' rhythm and soulful solos are the formula for tracks like "Bullet Train Blues" and "Hell To Pay". But formulas don't restrict this trio, which will surprise you with a quick BeBop vamp in the middle of a rockin' groove. And follow up that song with an introspective piece like "Alone On My Own Little Island".

Pick up this debut self-titled release on Stretch Records, and look out for the follow-up live CD!

Phish [Page McConnell]

A contemporary Rock band blending Country, Folk and loud Rock.

Pink Floyd [Rick Wright]

Probably the biggest supergroup ever, they experimented with many sounds, including the B-3.

The (Young) Rascals [Felix Cavaliere]

A classic Rock band with a few classics to their name.

Lukas Rosenthal

Check out this Swiss player's site.

Santana [Gregg Rolie, Tom Costner]

Santana's a crossover of Latin rhythms, Rock and Funk. Gregg Rolie, who went on to play for Journey, was on Santana's first 3 albums, which are all classics. Tom Costner later replaced Rolie and, currently, Chester Thompson tours with Santana.

Steppenwolf [Goldy McJohn]

Check out The Second (MCA, 1971), especially "Lost And Found By Trial And Error/Hodge, Podge, Strained Through A Leslie" (Pun!). This album also has their classic "Magic Carpet Ride".

Vanilla Fudge [Mark Stein]

A psychedelic Rock group from the 70s.

Steve Winwood

A teenaged member of the Spencer Davis Group, he was one of the driving forces behind Traffic and Blind Faith (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker). He also recorded with Jimi Hendrix and on the MCA London Sessions for Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. He has a distinguished solo career, including the classic Arc of a Diver. Traffic reunited in 1994 and recorded Far From Home.

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