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Welcome to pipe-organs.net, where you can discover why pipe organs are the original synthesisers, what all the different stops sound like, and why you use your feet as well as your hands to play it. Have a go on the virtual organ, look and listen to what makes a pipe organ sound the way it does, and explore some of the rich variety of pipe organ information available both on and off the internet.

What's New
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The Virtual Pipe Organ
The ideal place to start. Find out what all those stops and pedals do with this hands on demonstration of a pipe organ console.
Multilingual Cross Reference
If you've ever wanted an organ term translated, take a look at this cross reference, currently including Danish, Dutch, English, French and German.
The Library
Life isn't all online, and a visit to the library can produce unexpected rewards. Get your hands on some real literature, and before you part with your hard earned cash, browse this selection of pipe organ book reviews.
Sheet Music Shops
It can be difficult finding books or sheets of music for the pipe organ in ordinary music shops. This is a worldwide list of music shops known to have a good selection of pipe organ sheet music to browse and buy. If you know of any entries that are missing or have changed, do get in touch.
Site Guide
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A selection of the best pipe organ sites on the Internet.

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Illustration: A 15th century painting of an angel playing a portable organ, painted by Hans Memling on the organ shutters of the church of Santa Maria la Real in Nagera, Castile.

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