This is a personal selection by Alastair Disley of the best organ-related sites on the Internet. Whether you're looking for specific information or just browsing, these sites should give you what you're looking for. If you can't find what you're looking for, try the links section of The Organ.

The Organ

Alastair Disley is also Web Editor of The Organ, a magazine about pipe organs. The Organ's website includes a comprehensive links directory, reviews of organ CDs, details of the magazine and other articles of organ-related interest.

History of Organ Design

James Cook's well illustrated and encyclopedic web site is worth repeated visits.

Encyclopedia of Pipe Organ Stops

Ed Stauff has painstakingly produced this scholarly encyclopedia of all known pipe organ stops, from the most common to some very strange examples.


There are many mailing lists about the pipe organ, but piporg-l was the first and is the largest of them all with over 1200 members. Newcomers are welcome to subscribe, and the archives are searchable by anyone, whether they subscribe or not.

Institutes for Organ Studies

There are a number of institutes studying the pipe organ. In the United Kingdom, BIOS, the British Institute for Organ Studies, maintains archives, publishes a journal of research and maintains the National Pipe Organ Register (see below). In Sweden, Go-Art, the Gothenberg Organ Art centre has been responsible for the construction of several historical replica organs. In the United States of America, OHS, the Organ Historical Society, also publishes The Tracker and maintains an archive of information.

Pipe Organ Registers

The most comprehensive list of pipe organ details and specifications is the National Pipe Organ Register, but this is limited to the United Kingdom only. Osiris is a world-wide database. Both welcome submissions of organs not already present.

Illustration: A painting of an angel playing a portable organ, from the ceiling of an Italian villa.

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