The Oregon Chord
3/22 Kimball Theatre Pipe Organ

3 manual Kimball Console with 22 ranks of pipes and percussions
Currently Installed in Portland, Oregon's Cleveland High School.
A Short History

    This organ began playing as a Kimball 3/9. It was originally installed in the Columbia Theatre, Longview, Washington.
    In the 1930's it was moved by Sandy Balcom of Balcom and Vaughan, Seattle, Washington, to Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Balcom installed the modest three manual Kimball intact and added two straight windchests, which were controlled from stops on the second touch row. Another rank of pipes was added sometime later.
    Due to a remodeling project, the Kimball  was removed from Benson High School starting in the summer of 1989 and installed in the Cleveland High School Auditorium during 1990 and 1991 by the Oregon Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society. In April of 1991 the by then 3/25 Kimball was rededicated at Cleveland High School on SE 26th Avenue at Powell Boulevard in Portland, Oregon. 

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