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This letter was found fixed inside the cover of "Practical Treatise on Organ Building", written in 1897 by F. E. Robertson. The letter is signed by the author, and his mention of Audsley's book dates this as written in 1905. Unfortunately it is not clear who the recipient of the letter was. The book was owned at some time by an Ernest Read, and at some point was sold by Harold Reeves' Books and Music shop of London. It is currently owned by the University of York library, and may previously have been owned by Maurice Forsyth-Grant. Someone, probably the recipient of the letter, has been through the book, correcting parts, especially a consistent mis-spelling of the name of Schulze, and amending specifications and descriptions of Schulze's work. Indeed, this book is a demonstration of the effect Schulze had on the organ world in the latter half of the 19th century, as he is mentioned more times than all other organ-builders put together!

23rd Feb
32, Courtfield Gardens, Kensington. S.W.

My dear Sir
I would willingly assist you, if I could, to honour the memory of Schulze, who was a true artist and no tradesman, but I have nothing to communicate myself nor do I know how to put you on the track of information. The only suggestion I could make would be that ou should communicate with the authorities at Doncaster, but this idea you appear to have anticipated
Try "Notes & Queries". There is a magnificent book on organs coming out, by G. A. Audsley whose name is doubtless known to you. He lives in America, but the work will be sold here thro Dr. Vincents' house. I have sent them a P.C. [postcard] to send you a prospectus, and strongly advise you to subscribe if you are interested in the subject. The work is half way thro' the press.

Yours [illegible]
F E Robertson

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