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Poul-Gerhard Andersen
George Allen and Unwin, 1969
translated from Danish by Joanne Curnutt
Originally published as Orgelbogen, Munksgaard, 1956
Out of print

One of the main attractions of Andersen's technically detailed history of organs is its extensive coverage of Danish organs. These include several organ revival instruments every bit as curious in their extremes as the ultra-Romantic instruments produced only a few decades before.

So this is a book very much of its time, but its European bias makes a refreshing change to the more common English and American contributions to organ literature. Andersen champions the classical revival of the 20th century with a heartfelt honest enthusiasm, but his study of mechanisms and history is scholarly. What is most impressive about this edition is the technical descriptions, written in a way only someone with extensive hands-on experience of the subject could write.

Its out of print status may make this volume hard to find, but it is well worth acquiring if you have the means and opportunity.

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