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pipe-organs.net is physically located in the United Kingdom, and is thus subject to U.K. copyright law. Although the Internet's blurring of borders and free availability of information can confuse the issue, documents published on the Internet are subject to the same level of protection as conventional publications. Most countries in the world are signatories to international copyright conventions, meaning that wherever this is being read, it is almost certainly covered by a similar copyright law to that in the U.K. Here is a summary of how U.K. law protects publications.

MediaProtected for:
Literary and artistic works, e.g. paintings, reference or fiction works 70 years after the year of death of the author
PhotographsFrom 1989 these are treated as artistic works above. Prior to this they are protected for 70 years after creation.
Sound recordings50 years after creation
Published editions25 years after creation. This refers to the typesetting and layout, and is in addition to other copyrights held by the work. It does not cover artwork or the text itself, which is covered above.
FacsimilesIf a document is an exact facsimile of an earlier publication, it retains the copyright of the earlier version, only generating new published edition copyright on any new typesetting.
Anonymous works70 years after publication
Crown Copyright50 years after publication

This has two main outcomes for pipe-organs.net:

Firstly, all the information on this site is protected from unauthorised reproduction. As Alastair Disley was born in 1975, this protection is likely to continue into the 22nd century at least. If you wish to reproduce any of the information on this site, you are strongly encouraged to contact him, by emailing webmaster@pipe-organs.net. The aim here is purely to prevent plagiarism. Contacting the author may also be useful to you; if, for example, you wish to reproduce a picture in a printed document, a far higher resolution copy could be supplied.

Secondly, although many of the images on this site are original, some are reproduced from other sources. Where these are still in copyright, permission has been sought and granted, and a credit will be found on the same page. Where they are out of copyright protection, the source is still given, so that the copyright can be verified, and for general information purposes. If you believe that any part of this site is in violation of copyright laws, please inform the author as soon as possible.

For more detailed information on copyright in the U.K, see the Aslib Guide to Copyright, by Professor Charles Oppenheim, ISBN 0 85142 311 6 (2000 edition). Similar documents are almost certainly available for other countries.

All content on pipe-organs.net is © Alastair Disley unless otherwise specified, and may not be reproduced in any form without prior permission.

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