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Like so many great theatre organs throughout the world, the Riviera Wurlitzer along with the theatre almost became lost to the wrecker's ball. Successive groups of enthusiasts have, over the years, ensured the survival of the theatre and this magnificent example of Wurlitzer expertise in the design and production of theatre organs. Today, the need for support of this important element of cinema history is as great as ever. Time, always the enemy of man-made inventions, has marched on for the Riviera Wurlitzer but, careful restoration and, now, constant maintenance have made this one of the finest examples of working theatre organs still in the place of their original installation.

We hope you will browse through our new site and discover the magic of those early cinema days, when the Mighty Wurlitzer helped bring the latest Hollywood movies to life with their great sound and special effects.

It is still possible to get a feeling for those great days, by visiting the Riviera Theatre to attend one of its popular organ concerts or silent movie shows. Find out how by using the links at the left. You could make a difference by supporting our efforts to preserve the Mighty Wurlitzer and its beautiful home at the Riviera Theatre.

Riviera Theatre & Performing Arts Center, 67 Webster St, North Tonawanda, NY 14120

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Photographs of Riviera available from: Kevin Saky Photography

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