Duane Austin's 2/14 Barton

Barton Opus # 269 was installed in the Forest Theatre, Forest Park, Il. in 1928. It was originally a 2/6 with a Deluxe ( Circus Wagon ) console.

The Organ was removed from the theatre in the early 1960's and installed in a garage in Hinsdale, Il. It had a couple more moves after that and was put in storage in the Chicago area in late 1965 . Sometime in the 1980's the Barton was transferred to a warehouse in Antioch, Il . Duane was able to purchase it in 1994 and move it to Beloit, Wi . He spent the next 4 years evicting the mice, cleaning and/or replacing pipework and building a relay. The "Golden Voiced Barton" sounded its first notes in 30+ years in 1998. The organ is now a 2/14 with all Barton pipework. except a Wurlitizer Metal Diaphone and Open Diapason. Duane reports that " I am now out of room and MONEY!!"

The console sits in Duane's family room. The chamber is in the basement directly beneath and speaks into the room through an open stairwell.

The left hand side of the chamber. From left to right, the ranks are: Diapason, Concert Flute, Tuba, Tibia.

In the center of the chamber are the Vox, VDO, VDO Cel, and Open Diapason

Here we see the right hand side of the chamber with the Post horn, Clarinet, and Saxophone. The Wurlitzer Diaphones are visible in the back.

On the far right are the Kinura and Orch Oboe.

Andrew Schlieter practices for the "Young Organist" competition in Milwaukee in 2000.

You can contact Duane Austinby clicking here. Please send him questions or comments about the organ.

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