The Oregon Chord 

Donating To OCATOS

OCATOS welcomes cash donations and of course your valued time as a volunteer.

On occasion, OCATOS as been fortunate to receive donations of pipe organs, pipe organ parts and electronic organs.
 However, at this time, OCATOS is no longer able to accept any donations of any pipe or electronic gear. We simply have no more room to store anything else.
Unfortunately, many electronic entertainment instruments, especially those from the 1970's or 1980's have little or no value. And they will cost OCATOS to move and store them if they are offered. Many of these types of instruments have become available due to various circumstances but OCATOS will not be able to accept them. 

OCATOS wishes to acknowledge these persons for their donations of pipe organ parts and electronic organs:
  • The Dale Haskins Family
  • Bob MacNeur
  • Paul Quarino
  • Jonas Nordwall
  • Mary Lynn Parodi
  • Marc Gerlach 
  • Rick and Clayton Parks
  • Multnomah Bible College

OCATOS wished to acknowledge cash donations from the following individuals:

  • Paul Quarino
  • Fred Bish
  • Harriet Vogel
  • Don Galarno 
  • Dennis Hedberg

If you would like to donate to OCATOS, please contact any of the OCATOS officers. OCATOS is a non-profit organization listed as a 501- C3 with the IRS. All donations either cash, in kind or materials are tax deductible. Information about deductibility of donations can be found at this IRS link.        

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