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  Dean Lemire
    Dean Lemire started playing the piano at the age of five. His training in classical piano was with Mrs. Leonard Dunlap of the Preparatory Music Department at Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon.
    He was been a staff organist at Uncle Milt's Pipe Organ Pizza in Vancouver, Washington since 1980. He played this console when it was in Portland, Oregon at the Oriental Theatre and then as a staff organist at Portland's Organ Grinder pizza restaurant until its closure in 1996.
    He was a staff organist for ten years and is currently an occasional performer at the Oaks Park Roller Rink in Portland, Oregon, where he studied the pipe organ under the tutelage of the late Don Simmons. Dean was a featured performer on the Oaks Amusement Park's 4/18 Wurlitzer for the American Theatre Organ Society's 1988 National Convention.
    Dean has traveled extensively as a keyboard artist with various USO tour groups, including The New Oregon Singers, and has performed with such names as Bob Hope, Arthur Godfrey and Lawrence Welk. He was the organist for the Portland trailblazers and The Portland Beavers baseball team for five years.
    He appears in a page on the PSTOS web site.

This bio was prepared with the help and permission of Robert Rusczyk.
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