The original electro-pneumatic relay was changed over to a solid state relay during the major renovation which started back in the 1970's. The Z-tronics firm was chosen as the manufacturer of this system and was wired by the organ rebuilding team. The relay is devided between the console and two diaphone chambers on each side of the theatre. Z-tronics is now owned by restoration and maintainence expert Allen Miller & Associates. The console can be plugged into junctions located on the original small organ lift on house right or into the center of the orchestra pit lift for concerts. A very positive aspect of this solid state system is the need for only one person to be able to tune the organ via a note activating device which simply "plugs in" each chamber.

            The combination action consists of a capture and memory system built by Shaw. The stop tablets are still however controled via air operated pneumatics. The organ has 40 manual pistons, 8 generals, dual combination levels and second touch collective generals which affect Great, Accompaniment, and Pedal stops.


            The organ blower which provides the air was built by Spencer Orgoblo of Hartford, Conn.. The 30 horsepower, 1500 RPM motor still operates on 25 cycle power and will be changed over to 60 cycle power in the near future.


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