Interior of the Auditorium


The Auditorium

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The Auditorium of  Sheas Buffalo as it currently appears. Although only minor restoration work has been done in the auditorium, it is hoped to start restoration in the near future if funding is located. Note new "box booms" installed high on the side wall and the balcony rail plaster restoration completed as part of the 1999 Stage House Expansion Project.


Organ Grills

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This is a picture of one of the glorious 3-story twin arches on either side of the proscenium which hide the 6 chambers housing the mighty WurliTzer. It is said that the Rialto Theatre in Chicago may have influenced Mr. Shea into preferring Rapp & Rapp's use of this treatment for organ grills. These grills were originally very heavily draped until being removed in the late 1970's after they showed considerable signs of deterioration. This had a very positive effect on the sound from the organ.

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(detail found on box railing under organ grills)

Organ Lift

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The Mighty WurliTzer on its original side lift. Shown is the beautiful refinishing job and the original panel trim around the edge of the lift (the orchestra lift decorative panel was removed and painted black some years back in accordance with modern theatrical needs)Also in the background is the new rigging system made by Clancy of Syracuse, NY. They were also the manufacturers of the rigging for Sheas back when it was built in 1925.

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(decorative cast iron seat end)

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