The Statler Organ


    The first known pipe organ installed at All Saints R.C. Church was originally installed in The Statler Hotel Ballroom in downtown Buffalo, NY. The organ was Opus 624, a style 160 with 3 manuals and 10 ranks of pipes. It was installed immediately following the installation of its sister organ, Opus 622, also a matching style 160 in the hotel dining room. It appears on the WurliTzer Opus list that both organs were removed from the Statler Hotel in January of 1938 for unknown reasons.

origconsoleweb.jpg (59290 bytes)

(The Original console as installed in the church)


    It was the WurliTzer firm which installed the organ in the church, removing the toy counter and associated traps which were considered "un-resourceful"  in playing church organ music. The organ was pretty much in untouched condition except for a Dulciana stop replacing the original Orchestral Oboe stop and Chysoglott percussion being disconnected. Although while the organ lay in an untouched state, it also was not receiving the proper maintainence required by organs. After serving the parish from 1938-1991, it was decided to rebuild the organ and to include as much as possible from the old instrument into the new organ.


The 1923 Organ Chamber Layout


The 1923 Console Specification



During the period from 1960-1980, a few concerts were presented on the organ in true "theatreorgan style." A few scant recordings exist today as examples of what the organ originally sounded like. Also during this period, local organ buffs from the local chapter of ATOE (now the American Theatre Organ Society) releathered and made necessary repairs to the instrument.



1992 Heritage Organ



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