Cymbal action before rebuilding
Bass Drum and Tympani action -
before rebuilding. All this stuff
needed a lot of cleaning for sure.

Bass Drum and Tympani action -
before rebuilding

Closeup of bass Drum and
Tympani action - before rebuilding

Bottom of trap tower showing bass
Drum, Tympani, and tom tom
action - before rebuilding

Some of the sound effects after
rebuiling. All Spool Valves were
replaced and all pneumatics were
releathered. All Wireing is new.
All wood refinished. The lighter
wood is all new.

Rebuilt Sleigh Bells. All new
leather, and new wood lighter in
color than original wood.

Rebuilt Snare Drum and wood
block action.

Rebuilt Snare Drum, wood block,
and castenet action.

Rebuilt Bass Drum action showing
legs of trap tower. All re-wired.

Rebuilt top section of Trap Tower
showing all small traps.

The Traps

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