Here is the Bourdon/
Diapason offset chest. It is
9' long. It holds the low 18
notes of the Flute rank and
the low 12 notes of the
Diapason. This is the chest
that was water damaged.
What you see here is the
chest open, and the
secondary pneumatics and
their risers.
Another view of the chest.
All the leather was shot, and
I had to make all new
secondary pneumatic top
boards. I had to re-glue a lot
of cabinet joints also.
These are the springs that
go inside the pedal offset
secondary pneumatics. I
have cleaned them as you
can see.
A good shot of the
secondary pheumatics with
the risers. I numbered them
so I could match them back
up on re-assembly
This is a typical primary
pneumatic with attached
spool valve assembly. I
replaced all the valves, and
releathered the pneumatics
What you see on the bench
here is the bottom of the
primary action box. I have
removed the magnets for
cleaning, and have installed
a new common buss. Of
course I cleaned everything
as well
Another view of the primary
action box. This view shows
the magnets reinstalled. All
original paper gaskets were
replaced with leather
Close up of the primary
action box. The magnets
are in place, and the valve
wells and seats are all
cleaned and ready for the
spool valves
Here is a Kimball magnet
showing the magnet base,
the gasket, the armature,
the plastic screw cap (very
nice to work on), and the
mounting screws.
Pedal Chest Action Rebuild

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