An early expiriment
making flanges. I
finally decided to
use PVC flanges
from Organ Supply
I chose to use
Wurlitzer regulators
because of the
characteristics. I
kept the original
Kimball butter churn
regulators for the
next guy. The
Wurlitzer units came
from Phil Lyons and
Ron Carter.
Releathering all
done. The first one
was really a
struggle. The rest
were easy.
Another view of the
releathered regulator
Rebuilding the
valves. This turned
out be to straight
The cone valves had
separated into about
three layers so I had
to glue them back
Valves were
releathered and
Another view of the
Here is a view of my
new trunks.
Because of cieling
height I needed a
somewhat lower
Regulator mounted
on trunk.
Another view.
Because of the lower
flatter profile of the
trunk, I had to use
two windlines to
supply the
necessary volume.
It works quite well
Three Regulators
mounted on the Solo
Trunk. My work
area was rather
cramped to say the
Finished valve
Installing finished
valves in regulators
Regulators Rebuilding

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