This is a view of the
organ space. It is
really quite small.
The drapes on the
left cover the solo
shades. There is
another set of
drapes covering the
main. The Chamber
is not really divided.
There are fourteen
linear feet of swell
shades floor to
Here is another view.
This organ is fairly
big scale. It is
surprising that an
organ from a good
size house doesn't
over power the room.
The sound is quite
good, and the
dynamic range of the
instrument is very
As you can see here
the two sets of
shades are
separated by about
one and a half feet of
wall. The chamber
is actuall one space,
without a dividing
wall. I did this in
order to avoid too
much separation of
the two divisions.
This makes it
possible to have a
better mix when
playing ranks
together from both
There is an access
door at each end of
the chamber. There
is a walk board
running in front of the
chests the full width
of the chamber front.
There is also walk
space behind the
chests although very
As you can see the
listening area is
quite small, but
somehow it all works
to create a very full
glorious sound.
Here you can get an
idea just how narrow
the space is.

The Lansdowne Kimball
Organ in it's New Home
This photo was
taken at the Chapter
Meeting in May.
Yours truly in the red

Here is a view of the
large scale chimes.
These are rebuilt but
not winded yet.

These picures are of
the Theatre while it
was still open.

Here is a picture of
the drapery covering
the swell shades. I
sure wouldn't want to
have to make drapes
for a living.

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