The Lansdowne Kimball is a three manual 8 rank
organ built by the W.W. Kimball Co. of Chicago in 1927.
The Lansdowne Theatre is located in Lansdowne,
Pennsylvania, and is a 1600 seat house. The theatre
interior is in the spanish/moorish style, and is a
single floor layout.

The organ was installed in the standard two
chamber arrangement. It is my understanding that
the console was not on a lift. I do not know if the
organ was ever silent for an extended period of
time while still in the theatre. I do know that it was
used regularly till about 1973, at which time it
suffered water damage in the main or left chamber.
The pedal offset chest and some of the effects and
traps got wet. The pedal became unplayable and the
organ was no longer used. Management sold the
organ around that time to Sam LaRosa and Bill
Greenwood. The organ was moved to storage
where it remained till I bought it in October of 1998.

I moved the organ to Jackson Mississippi in April of
1999, and am in the process of installing it in my

The Organ pipe work is in great shape. The main
chests were recently rebuilt. The offsets, traps,
effects, and percussions will all require
restoration. It is my intention to modify only the
relay and stop switches. Any wood replaced will be
as close to original as possible. All stripped screw
holes will be plugged and redrilled.

This is a very exciting project that I have looked
forward to for over 40 years.


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