This is a typical
Kimball three manual
console. It is in pretty
good shape. The
finish is not original.
All the controls are
original and will be
restored. Even the
original goose neck
lights are intact. The
only change I will make
is to use solid state
stop switches and
Another view of the

A closeup of the stop
rail showing the cash
register effects buttons
A view of the original
combination setter
board, located in the
side of the console
behind a panel door
Another view of the
setterboard. I will not
be using this setter
board, but am planning
to leave it in place.
Another closeup of the
stop rail. I will be
replacing all the
original tabs. The
engraving will done by
Arndt organ in Iowa. .
They can do authentic
Kimball engraving
Me with the console.
The Console Before Rebuilding

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