View of Artisan input
boards. These
boards connect each
closeable switch in
the console to the
console computer. I
deliberatly left the
wires long in case of
View of Console
Computer. This is
the terminus for all
input connections,
and also the output
to the Chamber
computer and the
controlling console.
I am using a smal;l
Laptop computer as
this console.
IView of right side of
console interior
showing the power
source for the stop
magnets. I also
have 110 vac
switched and
unswitched.. There
is also an Isolation
relay which totally
disconnects both
terminals of the
battery when the
organ is not in use.
Another view of the
right side of the
console interior
View of the stop rail
ahowing position of
the magnet driver
boards. This
location provides
easy access.
Magnet Driver
Boards on the right
side of the console

Another view
The Artisan Relay
View of the Chamber
Computer. All chest
magnet driver boards
were mounted on the
bottom boards.

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