Repairing a dagaged
key by replacing the
broken side of the
front pin bushing slot

Cleaning the
underside of all key
ivories. Note that all
pin bushings have
been steamed out.
Aluminum wedges
used to install new
All Keys rebushed
front and rear. Also I
installed all new
shorting bar braid.
All new felts were
installed under the

The old piston holes
were filled with
wood, and redrilled
to accomodate
Syndine pistons.
Key cheeks and
piston front rails
were refinished
New Syndine
pistons were
installed. These are
black with ivory caps
engraved by Arndt.
Another View.
Here is a closeup of
my simulated
Kimball pisonns as
All keytops were
removed for
replacement. This
required careful

All wood key
surfaces were
lapped to be
perfectly flat and
New high quality
simulated ivory
reglued to the
keytops. these are
one piece key tops.
Rebuilding Manuals
Installing second
touch springs
All springs installed
and contacts
adjusted per specs.
Another view.

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