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bullet1.0 The Hammond Tone Wheel Organ
bullet1.1 Hammond Percussion
bullet1.2 Key Click
bullet1.3 Hammond Vibrato
bullet1.4 The Scanner
bullet1.5 Drawbar Registrations
bullet1.6 Harmonic Foldback
bullet1.7 Obtaining Service or Owners Manuals
bullet1.8 Oiling the Hammond
bullet1.9 Caveat Emptor - Buying a Hammond
bullet1.10 HOW-TOs: Repairs, Modifications, and Tech Tips
bullet1.10.1 How to Clean Key Contacts
bullet1.10.2 How to Clean Drawbar Contacts
bullet1.10.3 How to Adjust the Preamp Drive Level (B-3/C-3/RT-3/A-100)
bullet1.10.4 How to Unstick a Stuck Vibrato Scanner
bullet1.10.5 How to Rebuild the Vibrato Scanner
bullet1.10.6 How to Lube the Manual Busbars
bullet1.10.7 How to Change the Percussion Keying Source
bullet1.10.8 How to Trouble-Shoot a Percussion that Doesn't Decay
bullet1.10.9 How to Eliminate Organ Volume Drop When Percussion VOLUME is Set to NORMAL
bullet2.0 The Leslie Tone Cabinet "Pipe Voice of the Electric Organ"
bullet2.1 The Basic Configuration
bullet2.1.1 The Treble Rotor
bullet2.1.2 The Bass Rotor
bullet2.1.3 Amplification
bullet2.2 Leslie Accessories
bullet2.3 Leslie Modifications
bullet2.4 Leslie Recording Techniques
bullet2.5 Oiling the Leslie
bullet2.6 One-speed to Two-speed Leslie Conversion
bullet2.7 Leslie Rotation Speed
bullet3.0 Hammond and Leslie Models
bullet4.0 Determining the Age of a Hammond or Leslie
bullet5.0 FAQ Contributors
bulletCopyright and Disclaimer

2001 Marc A. Mercier


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