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Not just any groove mind you. I'm talkin' Groove's groove! Richard "Groove" Holmes that is. Most people agree, his peers and fans of the organ alike, that Jimmy Smith is the king of the Hammond® B-3 organ. However, while Smith didn't shy away from the Funk, Groove *was* the Funk (IMNSHO!). He could play lead with his right hand on the upper manual, comp with his left hand on the lower manual, and maintain a monster bass line with his two feet on the pedals, all at the same time, like no one else!

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PLEASE NOTE: I will not answer any email requests for technical or purchasing information, as I am not even a B-3 player. If you are looking for technical info, please visit HamTech's site or the Hammond-Leslie FAQ. Here you'll find information on the Hammond® B-3 organ, and the artists who recorded with it in Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Rock, Reggae, Acid-Jazz, and maybe someday I'll get around to Country. I do not pretend to be an authority on music or the organ (well, maybe the organ), as this is a music fan site and many people will have different tastes. If you find something you like, please e-mail me your comments, corrections, suggestions and/or additions. Any contributions will be credited.
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