Hammond Organ Instructors

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Location Name Phone Background/Specialty
Los Angeles John Novello
Web Site!
818-506-0236 Berklee College of Music
The Contemporary Keyboardist Manual
The Contempoary Keyboardist Three Part Video Series Stylistic Etudes
B3 Master Class in July 97 Keyboard Magazine
Co-founder of Niacin
New York
New York City Albert Weisman 212-956-5686 I have been playing professionally for twenty-five years and teaching for almost as long. My expertise is in improvisation, harmony, voicings and walking bass. I have numerous name-act credits (I am presently touring with Bo Diddley). Resume available upon request.
Dallas/Ft. Worth David Jacques 214-828-4890 B-3 improv jazz, blues, and rock techniques; I've been playing for 30 years, teaching for 10.
Paris Stéfan Patry
Web Site!
33 (0) 1 43 36 64 94 (& FAX) Hammond organ teacher
Pedals technics
Special sessions Organ/drums
Received lessons from Rhoda Scott
Riva San Vitale (Lake of Lugano) Peter Dennler
Web Site!
41-91-648 23 87 (FAX: 41-91-648 37 87) Weekly courses the whole year
4 electromagnetic Hammond organs for use
Improvisations in Blues, R & B, Latin

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