Jack McDuff

Joey DeFrancesco & Jack McDuff
Photo by Brian Garrity

One of the giants of the instrument, he played with Willis Jackson and George Benson was in his Quartet (1963-65). He also accompanied such greats as Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt. Several of his classic Presige albums, including The Honeydripper, have recently been re-issued on CD. He is also recording prolifically, including some guest sessions with Joey DeFrancesco and Winston Walls.


  w/ Jimmy Forrest      Tough 'Duff                     1960    Prestige
                        Rock Candy                      1960    Prestige
                        Brother Jack                    1960    Prestige
  (K.Burrell/H.Vick)    Steppin' Out                    1961    Prestige
  (Grant Green)         Honeydripper                    1961    Prestige
                        Goodnight, It's Time to Go      1961    Prestige
  (Harold Vick/J.Dukes) On With It                      1961    Prestige
  (K.Burrell/J.Dukes)   Screamin'                       1962    Prestige
  w/ Gene Ammons        Mellow Gravy                    1962    Prestige
  (Gene Ammons)         Brother Jack Meets the Boss     1962    Prestige
                        Hallelujah Time!                1963    Prestige
  w/ K.Burrell(J.Dukes) Crash!                          1963    Prestige
                        Live at the Jazz Workshop       1963    Prestige
                        The Midnight Sun                1963    Prestige
  (K.Burrell/H.Vick)    Somethin' Slick                 1963    Prestige
  (George Benson)       Live! At The Front Room         1963    Prestige
  (H.Vick/G.Benson)     Alive! At The Workshop          1963    Prestige
  (Big Band)            Prelude                         1963    Prestige
  (R.Holloway/G.Benson) Dynamic!                        1964    Prestige
                        I Got a Woman                   1964    Prestige
                        Soul Circle                     1964    Prestige
                        Silk and Soul                   1964    Prestige
                        Prelude                         1964    Prestige
  (R.Holloway/G.Benson) The Concert McDuff              1964    Prestige
  (G.Benson/J.Dukes)    Hot Barbeque                    1965    Prestige
                        Walk on By                      1966    Prestige
                        Tobacco Road                    1966    Atlantic
                        A Change Is Gonna Come          1966    Atlantic
                        Live It Up                      1967    Sugarhill
                        Double Barrelled Soul           1967    Atlantic
                        Down Home Style                 1969    Blue Note
  (Joe Dukes)           Moon Rappin'                    1969    Blue Note
                        To Seek a New Home              1970    Blue Note
  (Randy Brecker)   Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring  1970    Blue Note
  (Houston Person)      Re-Entry                        1988    Muse    
  (Houston Person)      Another Real Good'un            1988    Muse
                        Color Me Blue                   1992    Concord
                        Write On, Capt'n                1993    Concord
  (Bob Kenmotsu)        Bronx Tale                      1994    Paddle Wheel
                        The Heatin' System              1995    Concord

Ammons, Gene
  Jack McDuff                   Twisting the Jug        1961    Prestige
  Jack McDuff (Sonny Stitt)     Soul Summit             1962    Prestige
  Jack McDuff (Harold Vick)     Soul Summit Vol. 2      1963    Prestige

Benson, George
  Jack McDuff           New Boss Guitar                 1964    Prestige
  Jack McDuff           Livin' Inside Your Love         1977    Columbia

Braden, Don
  L.Goldings/J.McDuff   Organic                         1995    Epicure

Crawford, Hank
  Jack McDuff           Double Cross                    1967    ?

Curtis, King
  Jack McDuff           Old Gold                        1961    Prestige

DeFrancesco, Joey
  Jack McDuff           Live at the Five Spot           1993    Columbia

Dukes, Joe
  w/ Jack McDuff        The Soulful Drums               1964    Prestige

Green, Grant
  Jack McDuff           Grant Stand                     1961    Blue Note

Holloway, Red
  w/ Jack McDuff        Cookin' Together                1963    Prestige

Jackson, Willis
  Jack McDuff           Please Mr. Jackson              1959    Prestige
  J.McDuff (M.Hinton)   Together Again                  1959    Prestige
  Jack McDuff           Cool Gator                      1959    Prestige
  Jack McDuff           Together Again, Again           1961    Prestige

Kirk, Roland
  Jack McDuff           Kirk's Work                     1961    Prestige

Stitt, Sonny
  w/ Jack McDuff        Stitt Meets Brother Jack        1962    Prestige
  w/ Jack McDuff        Soul Shack                      1963    Prestige

Walls, Winston
  w/ Jack McDuff        Boss of the B-3                 1993    Schoolkids

James, Etta & Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson  
   Jack McDuff          Blues In The Night              1986    Fantasy
   Jack McDuff          The Late Show                   1986    Fantasy

Williams, Joe
   Jack McDuff          Nothin' But The Blues           1983    Delos

Dramatics, The
  Jack McDuff           ?                               196?    Stax

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