The Mission

By Popular Request the Theatre Organ Home Page announces a mailing list for the exclusive/inclusive use of Cast Bell Carillon Systems, Amplified Chime & Carillon Systems, such as:

Maas, Maas-Rowe, 50A, 500A, 529 A, B, C, D, Carillonette, Chronobell, DCB1, DCB2, DCB3, MPR1, MPR2, Symphonic Carillon, Console-Carillon®, Cathedral Chime®, Carillon, Vibrachord®, Harp Celeste and Vibrachime.

Schulmerich, Magnabell, TymeStryke®, Arcadian, Arlington, Americana, Coronation, Generation4, Auto-Bell® , True Cast® , Embassy, Campanile®, Memorial Bells, and Novabell.

I.T. Verdin (The Verdin Company), 600 Series, 680, Paramount, Alpha Series, Alpha II Series, Century V, Concerto, Performer, Singing Tower Classic, and Symphony.

Operation, technical information, sources of parts, recorded music on tape or CD for Automated Chime Systems, documentation (books on the subject) and the playing technique of a Carillon by a Carillonneur.

Discussion about the playing of Carillon or Chimes along with Church Organ is also encouraged.

If it is associated with Cast bell Carillons and/or electronic Carillon/Chime systems from manufacturers such as I.T. Verdin, J. C. Deagon, Maas & Maas-Rowe, Schulmerich, Stromberg-Carlson, Tape-A-Thon, Earle J. Beach & Son, etc. it falls within the scope of this user group.

To post to the List, send your post to:


To Subscribe to the list, you simply issue commands to the automated ListServer as follows below.

If in doubt what to do, Email The Carillon-L List Moderator and ask.

Helpful Hint

To keep track of all the mailing lists you may subscribe to, in an orderly fashion, we recommend that you maintain several E-Mail accounts. These can be obtained free from various places such as , or We then suggest you sign up one name to one list. For example, if you subscribe to the , the PipeChat-L list and the Carillon-L list, it may be helpful to have 4 email accounts. The first, is your regular EMAIL account, which you don't want polluted with posts from anywhere. Just private email, so when you log on you have your email there.

Then maintain 3 additional separate email accounts. Subscribe to each list under a different account. To really be spiffy, get an email program like CALYPSO, EURDORA, or Outlook Express that allows you to read all of your pop3 type email in one program, sorted by folders.

How To Sign Up:

Here are the commands to UNSUBSCRIBE and SUBSCRIBE to the Carillons&ChimeSystems-L mailing list:

To use the commands, simply send the command to with the command line in the message. The subject is ignored.

Subscribe Carillon-L [address]

The originator is added to the membership of Carillon-L. If an optional address is specified after the list name then that address is added to the list's membership rather than the address found in the FROM: field of the subscription message.

Ex: SUBSCRIBE Carillon-L

Ex: SUBSCRIBE Carillon-L

Unsubscribe Carillon-L


Signoff Carillon-L

The originator is removed from the membership of the Carillon-L list.


Ex: SIGNOFF Carillon-L

Digest Carillon-L

The originator is configured to receive mail from "list" in digest format.

Ex: DIGEST Carillon-L

Normal Carillon-L

The originator is configured to receive mail from the list in standard (non-digest) format.

Ex: Normal Carillon-L

Ex: Normal Carillon-L

The Rules of Conduct

1. Introduce yourself. It's a great way to make friends

2. Use of appropriate humor is ALWAYS encouraged.

3. Be polite to the other people on the list. Just because you may not share the same view point with someone else doesn't mean you need to start a war.

4. Being open minded is the key to getting along with others.

5. Keep things on topic. If you wander off the topic of the list, please keep it interesting & humorous at the very least.It may keep you from getting flamed.

6. If you have a problem with another list member, don't take action yourself. Let the mean and grumpy list administrators take care of it. Do not flame his/her members via the list. This list is for friendly folks not old grumps. Only the list administrators are allowed to be crotchety.

7. When replying to a previous post, please delete what is not important to what you are saying as best you can. In other words, quote only what is relevant to what your post is about. There's nothing more discouraging then scrolling through 2000 words of a previous post before we get to what you have to say.

8. If your are trying to sell something (i.e. an instrument) by using the list as a means of advertising... Although there are more appropriate places to do that such as the Theatre Organ Classifieds. All we ask is that extensive transactions between two (or more)individuals remain private. If telling everyone may save an instrument (especially a historic one), by all means post away.

9. Do post about concerts and other important events. Just keep them brief and to the point. Do post about the size of your organ and any hints and kinks you have ran into in the past.

10. Any Problems with the servers will be fixed as soon as we know what the problem is (and how to fix it). Just be patient if such a problem occurs.

11. Last But NOT least, HAVE FUN and share your experiences. That's what the list was created for.



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