Jim Patrick's Allen Theatre plus de-luxe Hazelton Specs

The Largest Home Installation in Australia

Photo showing the console + 'Smart Recorder' which absorbs both
stops & notes used & will play the organ back accordingly

R. James Patrick has sent us some pictures and writings of his massive organ. James long wanted to aquire an instument that could TRULY be tuned to it's surroundings. Since November 1996, he has been the proud owner of the largest Allen digital theatre organ imported for installation in his home on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland,Australia. Allen describes this as the MDS-theatre Plus DeLuxe - Hazleton specification. It is an 8 channel instrument useing sophisticated electronics to replicate pipes, the voicing source instrument,I believe, was a Wurlitzer in Chicago.

James says, "I am told it equates to 26 ranks of pipes.Those who have played it(including me)are rapturous about it's sound Qualities."

Many 'stock'organs have up to 8 voices generated by 1 circuit-board but the"Hazleton"(for short) has it's Vox,Post-horn.Tuba ,Clarinet & Piano voices(at different pitches) each produced by a single board.there are 2,3 &4 voice producing boards but that's about it. What this means is an incredibly adjustable instrument which can produce great purity of sound.

This organ is larger than any of the pipe organs that were installed in Queensland theatres,it is reputedly the largest home installation in the whole Country & is one of only 3 similar instuments in the world.It equates to a 3/26 for organ purists, But has access to 70 more pipe ranks + 30 orchestral voices via an Allen MIDI Expander.

The photo above shows the console in all it's glory,with it's 8 speakers mounted above & behind it,the theatre carpeted floor of (part) of the "River Palms Room" but does NOT indicate the very high-tech digital electronics which make this a VERY special organ.

A better close-up of keyboards & stop-rails

Console + Bang & Olufsen Hi-fi separate or linked master Residence

Overview indicating vaulted ceiling, overhead spotlights, organ air-conditioner

Overehead spot system(varying colours)

"River Palms Room"from main entry-Console to right

Highlight on organists air-con,remotely controlled from console

B&O Unit to right of console

Main entry to residence-music room on left,double door entry for console

Needless to say, this Allen organ was designed around specifications made by famous theatre organist Tom Hazleton.

Says Jim, "Pipe organ purists tend to scoff at electronics but I would refer you to the e-tones group in A.T.O.S- Jack Moelmann. The Allen Organ Home Page where Steve Markowitz is President. DIGITAL electronics are a long way from the old electric organs."

Browsing through my files on the organ I ran across a paragraph I wrote whilst still awaiting it's arrival which could add interest to page you are consructing ;_ The purpose in setting up the 'River Palms Room' in Queensland was simply to provide a venue where firstly,James can make his own music but secondly,to provide a venue where GOOD organists can from time to time be invited to play & enjoy the instrument & perhaps each other's music.

"Australia is a long way from anywhere, so the number of local musicians who qualify for second invitations is a bit limited (nonetheless there have already been some terrific organists here) but I'm endeavouring to expand contacts with particularly U.S organists who may play tours in this country & welcome a break along the way."

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