WurliTzer Opus List

This WurliTzer Opus List contains details of the Theatre Pipe Organs and Church and Residence Pipe Organs
produced by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company between 1911 and 1943.

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List of Styles

Wiring Schedule List

This list is based mostly on the printed listing produced by Judd Walton in 1970 and updated in 1973. Some corrections and additions have been made. The original list was produced using thousands of 80 column punch cards. This web site accesses data directly from an MS-ACCESS database.

Wurlitzer was only one, but by far the largest, of many builders of Theatre Pipe Organs. This list only includes the Wurlitzer instruments but it may be extended to other builders if the information can be gathered to do it. Wurlitzer also produced many band organs and photoplayers which are not included in this list.


There are errors in this list, despite the best efforts of all involved. The information ranges back over a period of many years and there were no complete records kept from the beginning.
There are many omissions due to incomplete and lost records and to the fact that these instruments are still being moved, changed, lost and found in many countries around the world.

If you identify an error or know of any extra information there are several things that you could do. Terms and Jargon used in these pages.
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