From: David Lowe, Feb. 2001

I have just found 'Cinema Organ' vols 163 and 164, Autumn 1989 and Spring 1990, which include a two part article by Donald Inkster on this unique Maclean designed Wurlitzer.

It states that this was intended to be a luxurious 4 manual 12 unit instrument, with marimba harp. In the end it was a 3 manual with an interesting, not to say odd, mix of ranks and stoplist.

Main chamber
Bourdon/concert flute
Diaphonic diapason
Horn diapason
Tibia plena
Solo string
Lieblich flute

Solo chamber
Tibia clausa
English horn
Vox Humana (large scale)
Harmonic flute

The cinema was badly damaged by a flying bomb on 11th August 1944 and the organ was removed into storage. Donald tells us that 'it was pirated for spare parts and I understand the main cable....was used as the replacement at the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, after the disasterous fire there on 14th December 1956.'

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