From: Bob Swaney, May 2005

The organ at Bray's was the Staten Island Paramount - Opus # 2129 - Balaban 4 with slave console.

The organ was purchased from the theatre by Dick Lodrehose in 1948.

Dick sold the organ to Larry 1949. Several items were lost in shippment to Salt Lake. Among the missing items were the English Horn, Saxophone and Vibraphone.

The 5 manual console was assembled from the two 3 manual consoles. The left over console parts were used in the constructiion of another 3 manual console.

Several Robert Morton ranks were added to the organ.

From: Terry Hochmuth, May 2005

I bought the leftovers (2 side panels, decorative top and sloped horseshoe caps & other misc pieces) of the other 3 manual art deco console from Terry K about 1974 or so - started to make it back up into a console, brought it to Illinois and ended up selling the shell to a gentleman from Hammond, Indiana, when I got the Boston Mattapan Balaban 2 in 1983.

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