From: Donald H. Peterson, March 1998

This organ is a 2/6 special with a 37 note brass band fife. It has extremely large scaled pipework voiced on 20" wp. I own the organ less the fife and it will be incorperated into my organ.

Ranks are: 8' diapason, 8' post horn, 16' "D" trumpet, 16' flute, 8' clarinet, and 8'violin/celeste.

The trumpet is tuba mirablis size and the flute is solo scale tibia proportioned.

There may have been more produced, but I know of only 2 of these organs in existance.

From: Jerry Gould, September 2010

That instrument’s pipe work remains, today, almost intact with the band fife being on the OSP organ.

They were voiced on 20” as were the other rink organs. Most of the Leon Berry rink instrument’s pipe work is installed in the OSP. The Bill Brown idea to install his rink instrument in the Phoenix Sun’s arena did not come about and it was sold. Bill purchased the instrument from the Reiny Delzer estate in ND where it was in storage after being removed from the Minneapolis Arena in the mid sixties.

Part of that instrument was heard at the 2010 ATOS convention; the rest still waiting to be incorporated into the organ project.

They have particularly useful clarinets of triple the scale of the normal variety that solo very well with louder accompaniments. The style “D” trumpets contained within them, sound like very late models of Wurlitzer tuba Mir’s.

All in all, a very loud organ for a small song and dance.

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