From: Earl Ludwig, June 2003

I am currently working on a Wurlitzer which is supposed to be the Opus 1.

Please note that this organ is located within a residence in Philadelphia Penna.

On a wind line junction box one can find a shipping label stating shipment of this organ from Cincinnati Ohio to it's present location.

We are looking at 3 manual, 10 stops with a few problems which we are working on. We seem to have all the pipes, some which have grown tired over time and are currently being repaired. Some of the parts and work are over the top in quality and appearance which I find to be interesting.

Work over the years has contributed to some small problems but those too will be sorted out. Anyway, before the relay came out she was living and breathing fairly well and am looking forward to cranking her up soon.

The relay should be back in place within the next few weeks. We have worked hard to be true to it's original condition and look forward to discovering what might be next. Needless to say there is a lot of undoing that needs to be corrected.


From: Earl Ludwig, July 21, 2003

The relay for Opus #1 has been reinstalled and that today the organ was tuned following a few short days spent working out existing problems.

A member of the family today said that she has never heard the organ played in her lifetime.(She pointed out that she is 70 years of age.) She is very excited because this coming Saturday her son is getting married in the family home and he has not a clue that the organ will be used for the ceremony.

Anyway, we have been pleased with how the work has progressed and are looking forward to getting at the console and the work that still is to be done there.(Work was started on the piston action and dropped prior to our arrival.) We still have some things to put right and correct but She sure sounds well!

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